The Graffiti On The Pipe, A Real Who-Done-It.


This morning, we took a hike to a spot I had visited about two weeks ago. To my horror, I discovered that someone had defaced a historical artifact with the word ‘FILTH’ painted in a garish yellow, a stark contrast against the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Who could it be? I remember the odd woman who saw me on the trail Saturday and immediately turned around and ignored me, even though her dogs kept turning around and barking at me. Was it her – is she a secret grafiti’er? I thought I saw her car parked behind some thick trees yesterday, but I need to be more observant and vigilant.

If it wasn’t her, who would do such a thing? Like why would anyone come out to a remote ass HISTORIC park and do that? Am I wrong in thinking that only teenagers paint shit they shouldn’t? I mean, I was about 16 the last time I thought spray painting my name all over bridges in the country near my house was cool. But this looked like someone painted with a brush. Was it an activist who wanted to make a green statement? Is that why they chose the word FILTH? Filth is an older person’s word. It’s not the first word that comes to mind when I think of kids tagging things. Are they saying the huge pipe should be removed? Do they not understand it’s considered a historical artifact, or is it a giant F-U from the days of the past? This land isn’t mine; it’s the government’s or public land – supposedly for all of us to enjoy, or however that all works. But why ruin the next person’s enjoyment and nature experience?

I just don’t get it, and it makes me sad. But it also fuels my determination to keep reminding myself that we each have the power to make something better or worse; usually, it’s a simple decision. We should always strive to leave something better than when we entered it. If you see trash in nature, pick it up. If you want to paint, find yourself some canvas. If you’re going to make your mark on the world, do it to make it a better place. You’ll get much more fulfillment from making the world slightly better than by making it worse. Spread more love than hate. It feels better, and it’s contagious. Try it yourself, you’ll see ❤️

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