What Good Would Life Be If I didn't Share my Wisdom?

Welcome to my Projects page! My new goal in life is always to continue learning. I refuse to become stagnant or sit back and watch others live their lives. After spending most of my life doing just that, ten years doing just that, I had a profound spiritual experience that catalyzed change. It transformed how I view everything, infusing my life with a new sense of purpose and direction. Now, I want to LIVE authentically, and to me, that means learning, experiencing things that help me grow, and sharing what I know. What good would it be if I kept all of that to myself? I am passionate about exploring spirituality, nature, animals, consciousness, Kundalini Awakenings and so much more.

I realized that even though I don't yet have a healing center, I don't have to wait to help others.

So, I had a profound realization: I am in the process of recreating my life with a clear purpose-to help people. This journey is not about waiting for a physical location, like a healing center (my ultimate goal), but about making a difference in people’s lives every day.

I want to help those who’ve experienced spontaneous awakenings like I have. It was a tremendously lonely, scary, yet fantastic process, and I wanted to give others what I desperately needed: a place to relax and go through the process. I realized I’ve been focused on that outcome while wondering how I can help people and why I want to grow if I can’t show others how to do the same thing. But I can help them now, virtually. I can share my life and my experiences, and it will reach the right people. I will be able to guide others in the same place I was, offering virtual support, sharing resources, and providing a safe space for discussion.

What if part of my life’s recreation involves not just learning, but sharing that knowledge with others? There’s immense value in not hoarding wisdom, but in collectively learning, growing, and evolving. I believe that our true purpose is to evolve, and together, through shared learning and collaboration, we can accelerate our growth and evolution.

We’ve been led astray, taught to live in fear, and prioritize security over personal growth. But I’m here with a determination to break that cycle. I’m here to learn how to live the way the universe intended us to-embracing change and uncertainty. I’m here to share that with you, so we can grow and evolve together. I want to share my experiences so we can all grow and learn from them. And I want to involve you in this journey of recreation and discovery.

I’ll post various projects on this page that need sponsors or guidance from someone in the know. These projects, which could range from personal development initiatives to community-based endeavors, are a part of my learning process, and I’m excited to collaborate with you. If you want to contribute your expertise or resources, please reach out. Together, we can make learning a communal experience and support each other in our quest for knowledge and growth. Stay tuned for updates, and join me in this exciting adventure!