‘working girls with their earnings and endgame’ – a viewer comment

Today, a viewer commented on a video about quitting escorting even though I didn’t have a plan. 

User @BreadFred3 said:

‘I’ve always wonder about these working girls with their earnings and endgame. Because the profession is not built for the long-term, burnout, competing with new providers (of any age) who are willing to do more for less, and the inexperienced consumer gets smarter. Not to offend, but I notice I never hear sex workers get rich from it. Just my observation as a consumer (infrequent nowadays).’

I replied

I once thought I’d never quit, but the universe has different plans for me. I have always wanted to be an escort, and I have done so. There are plenty of wealthy sex workers and probably just the same whose lifestyle matches their income, and they need more- more- more, not unlike others with high-paying jobs that get caught up in a materialistic cycle. What you say about burnout, competition, and people who will do more for less happens in any line of work; I was a Realtor for 22 years and a Broker for half of that. All of those things happened in real estate. But honestly, should we do ANY job for the long -term? Where is the growth in that? Some people work in the sex industry all their lives, and that’s ok for them.

But like everything with me, I think deeply about everything, so I decided to use these viewer comments as my blog post today.  So here’s my little peace I’m calling:

‘Embracing Change: My Journey Through the Sex Industry and Beyond’

I once thought I’d never quit, but the universe had different plans for me. I had always aspired to be an escort from a young age, and I achieved that dream. However, life can surprise us, leading us down paths we never anticipated.

The world of sex work, like any other high-paying profession, has its share of ups and downs. There are many wealthy sex workers whose lifestyles match their substantial incomes, but they constantly seek more in never ending cycle of materialism and it’s difficult for them to give up the lifestyle. This is not unlike other high-stress jobs where individuals get caught up in the pursuit of more—more money, more success, more possessions.

The challenges of burnout, fierce competition, and people willing to do more for less are not unique to the sex industry. I experienced similar issues during my 22 years as a Realtor and a Broker for half of that time. These are common hurdles in any profession, highlighting the universal nature of workplace struggles.

But this raises an important question: should we stay in any job for the long term? Where is the growth in that? While some individuals find fulfillment and stability in lifelong careers within the sex industry—and that’s perfectly fine for them—others, like myself, might seek new opportunities and challenges.

Life is about growth and evolution. Embracing change and exploring new paths can lead to unexpected and enriching experiences. My journey through the sex industry has taught me valuable lessons, but it has also shown me that it’s okay to move on and seek new horizons. After all, personal and professional growth often comes from stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing the unknown.

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