You Are Earth: Embracing Our Connection to the Planet

Have you ever stop and think about what makes you tick? It’s pretty wild when you break it down. You’re composed of 84 minerals, 23 elements, and about 8 gallons of water, packed into around 38 billion cells.

But here’s the cool part: you were more than just haphazardly thrown together. No, you were carefully crafted from the ground up, using bits and pieces of the Earth itself. Every meal you’ve eaten and breath you’ve taken is part of this incredible life cycle, a cycle that involves the Earth’s resources being used and reused, sustaining life in a continuous, interconnected web.

And you know what? I think about this stuff all the time. It’s like a constant reminder of how connected we are to the world around us—not just the air and food but the things we’ve seen in our lives and experiences. Each of us is different, and each of our paths is unique. We cannot know what another experiences because no two lives are the same. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences about this connection. Feel free to share in the comments or consider booking a coaching or conversation call with me.

Think about it: you’re a walking, talking collage of recycled bits from butterflies, plants, rocks, and even the odd wolf skin or shark tooth. These are all elements that have been part of the Earth’s natural cycle and have now found their way into your existence. Talk about being one with nature, right?

Here’s the revelation: you’re not just living on Earth. No, you are Earth. You’re as much a part of this planet as the trees, the oceans, and the mountains. Let’s take up our role in showing our home some love, okay? Let’s honor, care for, and respect Mother Earth – because at the end of the day, she’s not just where we live; she’s who we are.
I’m truly excited about conversations like this.  If you share this enthusiasm, I invite you to consider booking a coaching or conversation call with me.

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