I took all the pictures on this site & they’re all for sale

Let’s talk about the photos on my site.  I’m enjoying working  on these pages mostly because I get to see these photos come to life and not just hidden on my hard drive somewhere. 

I have a deep passion for photography. It’s something that brings me immense joy and allows me to capture the world around me in a unique way.

I often wonder if I’m a good photographer. While I don’t have formal schooling or extensive training, photography is something I genuinely love. I have often thought I should take a class but always seem to talk myself out of it.  I think I should put it on the bucket list.  I take pictures everyday so of course it will help me improve, not just in photography but in all aspects of life. I believe we are here to learn, as Earth is a school, and since it took me 49 years to figure that out, I’m spending the rest of my life focused on learning and sharing my knowledge. The more I learn the more I share, the more we all grow. That’s my plan.  I want to be known by the number of people I help along the way. 

We all see and perceive life through our own lenses, influenced by our experiences and traumas. Photography is my way of sharing a piece of my world with you. It’s about seeing the same thing at that moment in time. I love perspectives and zooming in on tiny plants and unexpected things – things most people would consider weeds. Each photo tells a story from my perspective, capturing moments and emotions that resonate with me. Through my lens, I hope to offer a glimpse of the world as I see it.

I enjoy my photos, and that’s why I’ve decided to showcase them on these pages. It’s a way for me to share my vision and connect with others who appreciate the beauty and complexity of life. I invite you to explore my photos and share a moment of my experience with you.

If any of my work resonates with you and you’d like to purchase a piece, please let me know. All my photos are available for sale, and I would be thrilled to share my work with you in a more tangible way.

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to view my photography. This journey of capturing and sharing moments is incredibly fulfilling, and I’m grateful for your support. Here’s to continuous learning and the joy of photography!


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